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Painting Accent Wall Ideas for Your House

Wednesday, April 25th 2012. | Bedroom, Interior Design

Painting accent wall ideas need some creative side of you as the owner of the house. You can make it by your own if you want to satisfy yourself with your own artistic touch. You can also give an artist a concept that you want and let them interpret it in your wall. The choice is yours. Both of them can give you a wonderful result. I will share to you some tips if you want to make it by you yourself.

Painting Accent Wall Ideas

The wonderful paintin accent wall ideas will be great if it is coming from the unexpected places. The example is if you paint the wall behind the bookshelf with contrast color. It would make a visual chasing for your book and it looks wonderful. Another example is the ceiling. That will be a great result if you can add some accent in the ceiling. That place is almost being forgotten by the people, so that if we can give nice accent to the ceiling, the people who see it will adore it so much.

Painting Accent Wall Ideas in Bedrooms

You can make a simple but eye catching accent in your window frame, door frame or molding. Paint them with the contrast color comparing to the wall color that will look nice. The other painting wall accent ideas are drawing some geometric shapes on the wall and finish it with contrast color. Molding it with different color, that will be a harmonious color combination. The geometric shapes can be form in square, triangle, or half-circle.

Interior Painting Accent Wall Ideas

Painting Accent Wall Ideas in Bedrooms 2012

You can have the wall paint pattern in the store. It is like a paper with specific cut forming a picture inside. Just fill it with spray painter and the color that you want. Wait a minute until its dry, take the wall paint pattern and you will see the result on the wall. If you think you are really artistic, you may try to have a mural on your wall. That will be excellent painting accent wall ideas for your house


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